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“La Famiglia” is one of the oldest rural trattorias of Piacenza and is managed, almost uninterruptedly, by the same family (especially by women).

The activity of Osteria (later Trattoria) is documented since the 60s, but local witnesses confirm its existence already at the beginning of the ‘900, under the management of the brothers Garatti Michele and then Giuseppa. The only change of ownership takes place in 1979 when the current owner, Mrs. Poggi Vittorina, takes over the management of the premises.

Located in the small family village in the hamlet of Tuna, the building (existing for more than 100 years) has always been an important reference point and aggregation for the locals, but also for lovers of good traditional cuisine of Piacenza, which find in this environment the hospitality and flavors of the past.

The restaurant, classified Bottega Storica dell’Emilia Romagna, is structured on two internal rooms and a long external portico.
The inside building has undergone very few variations (beams, joists and original tables of the time, in addition to the ancient entrance door) and is furnished in full 60s italian style (tables, chairs and bar counter).

The two women who make the history of this place are: Vittorina (Cuoca) and her daughter Nadia (woman of Sala, Cameriera, Sommelier).

You eat homemade food and there is no menu card! (dishes are explained verbally).
The dishes offered are the same throughout the year, except for certain (that in summer are sacrificed) overly tasty meats such as:

  • braised,
  • boar,
  • hare,

The kitchen is typical of Piacenza and characterized by:

The legend around the local born thanks to a special character, Baggio, father of Nadia, volcanic lady who takes care of the current management, which has made the restaurant famous for the celebrations that lasted until morning, based on songs a bit cheerful and generous drinking.

Wishing to remind the more sympathetic and affectionate way, Nadia has depicted his father on business cards, representing it as a modern cowboy with … bottles instead of guns !!

Today management is no longer so extreme, but the atmosphere of warm welcome and familiarity is present everywhere: in the name first of all, in service, in the fact that when you start attending the club you will often find familiar faces. As if everyone has always known each other.

Defined by Slow Food as “a female fief for the complete absence of male staff”, at every level, the restaurant occupies up to fifteen women, between fixed and occasional.

The heart of all this is represented by Nadia, who runs the room and takes care of meats and desserts, and the mother who is the head cook and presides over the kitchen.

Having become multiethnic, The Family is carrying personnel on average at least 3 years, with a peak of 14 years for the help cook Marina, which has become the third pillar of the restaurant.

Very nice the meaning behind the continued time, “from 9 to 24 and beyond”.

The trattoria is not only catering in the classic sense – lunch and dinner – because in the morning you can “peel” something, enjoy a good salami and excellent white wine, while during the afternoon are refreshed travelers and travelers who require the excellent Piacenza sausages.




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