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Bicycle Rental
1 hour3.00 €
1/2 day9.00 €
1 day15.00 €
2 days25.00 €
7 days60.00 €
Additional day10.00 €

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* the bus stop is just a few meters from the house; at present only the school line is active, roundtrip stops: 7:00 - 14:00 (search for "BIVIO PRETTA" on the internet)
** the nearest destinations for which you can probably find a transport are: Piacenza and Castel San Giovanni
*** the nearest train stations are: Piacenza and Castel San Giovanni

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If you trust in us, we can drive you to discover the beauty of our land in the ways (by car, by bicycle, on foot) and to the locations (mountain, town, river) that best suit you.

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