Pizzeria La Ghisona


When you look around the small village of Rivalta, this is where you will find the best pizzas.
Pizza menu is very varied and there is also a specific one for Bruschettas.

Pizzas are in full Italian northern style: fine dough, thin crispy crust and obviously well cooked (nothing to do with American stuffed pizza!).
Bruschettas? absolutely to try!

Oh, it’s recommended to accompany your meal with some good local wine or beer.

The restaurant is located in a rural area in the countryside on the very first hills of Piacenza’s Apennines (just before the Castle of Rivalta), so it is certainly recommended to those who go to visit the manor. Anyway, this pizzeria is not usually frequented by travelers, in fact, it is almost always full of locals (which should be a good sign..). Outside there are sheltered tables, in case of bad weather; the courtyard also acts as a parking space, so even if it is along the provincial road there is always a parking space! And if you’re going to take a break the summer heat of the Po valley, you must know that, here at “La Ghisona”, the sultriness literally disappears.

Nice, clean and tidy, great for an informal meal. It is also great for a family dinner, thanks to small pizzas for children (so you avoid wasting food unnecessarily).

Cristian as well as being the chef of bruschetta and pizza, is also the owner of the pizzeria; for his restaurant he decided to create a youthful environment over the years thanks to the presence of the brilliant waiters and staff of this area.

Also noteworthy: the desserts and the outdoor patio (to enjoy the cool breeze coming from the Trebbia river).
The Pizzeria also offers the availability of takeaway pizzas.. have a try!

Photo: Achille Barbarisi



+39 0523 978 127


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