Antica Locanda del Falco


The first news of the inn is from the second half of the 15th century.

On an ancient text is indicated the position of the office of currency exchange jew, placed exactamante next to the tavern in a room that is now used as a dining room.From this it is assumed that the tavern was already there from that time. Since then the restaurant has always offered refreshment and also a place to spend the night.

Today it is a renowned restaurant at the foot of the hills of Piacenza, in Val Trebbia, in the Rivalta castle. You eat in an elegant setting; the rooms are plastered in yellow, with exposed wooden beams on the ceiling, small appliques on the walls with a warm but not strong light; on the walls, small squares with prints depicting mostly birds. The staff is kind and competent.

On the menu, dishes that are not complex but with an excellent taste: anolini with capon broth, pisarei and fasò, Piacenza salami with onions, aubergines and courgettes, veal with oil and capers, homemade desserts.

Also worth a visit is the well-stocked wine cellar and a small shop selling typical products.

Keep in mind: the quality is excellent, but the prices are not properly “discount”.

In summer you can eat in a beautiful inner courtyard.




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