Laghi di Tuna


Located in the heart of the Trebbia Fluvial Park, a few kilometers from the city of Piacenza, the Tuna lakes offer a unique environment.

The district consists of 3 lakes each dedicated to different fishing techniques.

You can find Bar, Restaurant, Ample Parking, direct entry by car, and competent staff always available for advice and practical help in all activities (construction frames, amiecc ligatures ..)

Franco, Stefano and the entire staff of the Lakes of Tuna are waiting for you to spend pleasant fishing.
You can fish seven days a week until 6:30 pm.

The Sturgeon lake:

It is the smallest of the 3 lakes present in the area. From the rectangular shape with a depth of about 2.5 meters.

Repopulated with 90 sturgeons of 8-15 kg, there is also a single exceptional weight (about 50kg).
Fishing is fun and exciting, given the size of the fish present; it is however an easy and affordable fishing, including children.

The Trout lake:

It is a lake of spring water, has an irregular shape with islet in the middle. The average depth is 3.5 meters.
Intake of fish in the lake occur every hour of the day, in addition to Saturday afternoons or Sunday mornings are made direct from the truck.

In the winter season (from October to June): it is populated with rainbow trout, with daily immissions and in large quantities.

In the summer season (from July to September): you can practice fishing for carp and catfish, present in small quantities but with large specimens.

The Carp lake:

It is used for competitions and sport fishing, has a rectangular shape with a depth of about 2 meters.
Equipped with 62 comfortable fishing pitches, which can be reached directly by car.

For sport fishing companies it is possible to book one or more shores or the whole lake, for social competitions, trophies, rallies, memorials and so on.




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