Cascina Brontola


The Cascina Brontola farm is located in the hills of Piacenza, between Gazzola and Rivalta.

It was founded in 2014 by the desire of Andrea and Giulia, the very first generation of farmers in both families, who find in this farm and its uncultivated fields the right place to give shape to their idea of a company and grow their family. Far from polluting sources and busy roads it covers a total of 8 hectares of land, cultivated with biological methods following the principles of permaculture.

It was born mainly from the desire of a family to feed itself naturally, to really know the value of the food we put on our tables, to feed their children with genuine products, the result of crops and farms to which we dedicate ourselves personally day by day.

The land is intended for the cultivation of vegetables, fruit, cut flowers, beekeeping and breeding of low-court animals. We try not to produce waste, giving back to the soil the nutrients that it has provided us. The diversification of production on which we have oriented the company allows us to offer not only ever more varied products to our customers, but also to create a small business ecosystem.

Their main objective is to offer an increasingly rich variety of local products to our customers, obtained following methods that respect the environment in which we live. They deeply believe in the quality and the need for products at Km 0, and their greatest satisfaction is to be able to offer all healthy, local and quality products as an alternative to the products of large retailers.

The company is constantly changing and evolving, they are always looking for new ways to improve soil fertility and their cultivation and breeding techniques.

The company today includes: production of fruit and vegetables with weekly home delivery, jams and jams, low court animals and cut flowers.




+39 349 162 1363


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